Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Springfield

Springfield Air Duct Cleaning

You usually think about heat and cooling when considering an HVAC system, but indoor air quality is also important. It is possible that your family is experiencing health problems but you aren’t aware of their causes. The following allergens can contaminate indoor air:

  • Tobacco smoke
  • Pollen
  • Animal dandruff and hair
  • Household chemicals and hygiene products
  • Outdoor pollution
  • Excess moisture
  • Pesticides

You can improve the air quality in your home using good ventilation and cleaner air ducts by circulating cleaner air throughout the house. When it comes to keeping your home’s air clean, Aceductcleaningllc believes it can never be too careful. Since Springfield, Missouri has a humid climate, homeowners should get their air ducts cleaned annually. During warmer weather, outdoor pollutants are exacerbated, increasing health effects for everyone in the house.

Air ducts can be cleaned, repaired, and sealed by our technicians. It can reduce contaminants and allergens. Aceductcleaningllc will help you breathe easier and enjoy a healthier home or office after they are cleaned.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

Source Removal

Aceductcleaningllc uses a “source removal” method to clean ducts. An airflow is created through your ducting by attaching our equipment directly to your ducts and using a powerful vacuum. After that, a separate tool is pushed through the ducts to clean the duct lining. The ducts are flushed removing contaminants.


A “sealing agent” may be sprayed into ducts by duct cleaners. Using adhesives, the sealing agent seals dust and contaminants to the duct walls. This process is not used by Aceductcleaningllc.

Blower Fan and Coil Cleaning

Cleaning is done on the blower fan and evaporation coil while still in place. Your HVAC system can become less efficient with even a thin layer of dust. Mold can also grow on evaporation coils if there is continuous moisture during cooling.

Disinfectant Applied

Some people experience allergic reactions to mold in their HVAC systems. We apply EPA-registered disinfectants to coils and ducts in all standard and premium service packages.

Anti-Allergy Treatment

The system can be treated with an anti-allergy treatment. Proteins present in the environment will be neutralized by this treatment.

Duct Sealing

In your house, conditioned air is distributed by the duct system. The air inside a house is lost through leaks, holes, and improperly connected ducts in a typical home. As a result, the house is less efficient, costs more to heat and cool, and becomes hard to maintain. If those leaks are fixed, an energy-efficient system will provide these benefits:

  • Improves System Efficiency
  • Reduces Energy Consumption
  • Improves Comfort Level

Video Inspection

Video inspections are available for duct systems at Aceductcleaningllc. An inspection of the interior of the duct system can be recorded with a video camera system. This will show you how your duct system is really doing.

Aceductcleaningllc’s team is committed to providing you, your family, and your property with clean air. Taking care of our customers is what we are good at! Providing upfront flat-rate pricing and accurate air duct cleaning estimates. For the best cleaning service, you can always call us for free estimates.