Hood Cleaning in Springfield

Hood Cleaning

As part of your restaurant’s maintenance and hygiene plan, it is important to clean your kitchen exhaust regularly. Keeping grease in your kitchen exhaust system and hood increases the risk of fire and violates compliance regulations.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 43% of restaurant fires are started by cooking oils, grease, or food.

Professionally cleaning your commercial kitchen hood will ensure the fans and exhaust systems are clear of grease buildup and won’t pose a fire hazard for your restaurant.

Restaurant vent hood cleaning is one of the services we provide to restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and cafeterias in Springfield, Missouri, as well as other commercial kitchens. We are available 24 hours a day and can schedule appointments at your convenience. Our complimentary estimates and preliminary inspections are available for the complete kitchen vent hood exhaust system, which includes hoods/canopies, ducts, fans, and plenums. A 100% guarantee and NFPA 96 certification are included with our hood cleaning service. As members of the CHDCA Certified Hood and Duct Cleaning Association, we are experienced, insured, professional, and full-time.

Acductcleaningllc services a variety of establishments, including independent fine-dining restaurants as well as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), fast-food chains, and more. We are able to meet the varying needs of our customers thanks to our flexible business approach to customer relations.

Why Choose Us

  • NFPA 96 Compliance – NFPA 96 Mandate Compliance will be ensured by our team.
  • Guaranteed Service – Our company stands by the services we provide.
  • Scheduling – It’s all about working with your schedule for a time that’s convenient for you.
  • Insured and Experienced – In addition to full insurance coverage and NNFPA 1996 certification, our team of experts is fully insured.
  • Pricing – All legitimate quotes from competitors will be beaten by us.

During our years of experience here at Aceductcleaningllc, we have cleaned many hoods and helped commercial kitchens stay hygienic and safe by cleaning these hoods.

As a result of our years of experience in the restaurant industry, we have developed superior hood cleaning techniques that have proven effective throughout the years. In order to increase the level of quality, safety, and comfort of your restaurant, providing you with hood cleaning services is essential.

Our restaurant hood cleaning team can also help with other maintenance and kitchen exhaust repairs in addition to cleaning your restaurant hood. Maintenance and repair for commercial kitchen exhaust hoods can be handled by our experienced team due to our tools and training. Your commercial kitchen can run optimally again when a broken item such as a filter, hinge, panel, or fan belt is replaced or repaired.

You can rely on the duct cleaning specialists at AceductcleaningLLC to ensure your air is clean and fresh. Aside from providing our customers with the best service, we’re also good at it! In addition to providing upfront flat-rate pricing on hood cleaning services, we offer free estimates. If you are looking for the best hood cleaning service, you can count on us.